mjb tourer services is a family run business offering friendly, professional mobile motorhome, camper van and caravan servicing.

We are based both in Bristol and Cardiff and offer a mobile service across the south west of England and South Wales.

We are members of MCEA mobile caravan engineers association and have access to engineers all across the uk should you require assistance while you're away in your leisure vehicle.

Why a Mobile Caravan Engineer?

Using a mobile engineer means your caravan, motorhome or trailer can be serviced and repaired (in most instances) at your home or the place of storage, saving you the effort and cost of having to take your unit to a dealer and then getting it back again.

Also dealers have greater overheads meaning we can normally complete your service at a more competitive rate.

So saving you time and money.

As a road going vehicle it is a legal requirement to ensure your brakes, tyres and lights are in a roadworthy condition. The gas equipment such as fridge, water heater, space heater and cooker need checking for safe and efficient operation. Electrical equipment - 12v dc and 240v ac - requires regular inspection for safe and efficient operation.Miles BrayDirector