Photos Following the Progress of Work Undertaken by MJB Tourer Services 

Look through our recent photos or projects we have completed.

Repair to Rear of Caravan

Damage to near side rear panel on caravan repaired without having to replace the whole panel.  Quick and cost effective.

Air Suspension

Air suspension fitted to the rear of this vehicle.  The photos show that the suspension was right down on the bump stops and the wheels riding very high in the arches meaning that there was very little suspension available having a negative effect on comfort and handling.  After the air bags were fitted the ride height was back to a much more comfortable level aiding comfort and handling.

Accident Damage

Lovely motorhome brought in with some unfortunate accident damage to window and body panel next to it.  A new window and smart repair later and you would never know.

Shower Tray

This shower tray was a little worse for wear and unfortunately a new one is no longer available.  We were able to remove it and save it using the Speedcoat shower tray repair system.  Looks good as new.

Air Con

We had the pleasure of fitting an Air Con unit for a regular customer who travels Europe extensively.  They had some extemely warm weather in France this year and found this unit very welcome.

Damp Work

Unfortunately the owner of this vehicle was not aware of the damp until they brought it in for a totally unrelated repair and our engineer noticed the problem.  We made our customer aware and they asked for the work to be carried out.  It involved quite a lot of work from removing the off side skirts and cleaning sealant off of the skirts and vehicle, removing the internal bed boxes on both sides, removing the outer awning rail, external locker door and frame, all damaged wall boards and timbers and replacing with new and refitting on new sealant where required, then the interior could be put back together.

New Caravan Axle

A Bailey Unicorn that came in needing a new axle.  Back breaking work but worth it as the caravan now sits correctly.

Running Repairs, New Skylight and Additional Security Locks

Lovely Adria that came in for some running repairs, a replacement skylight and additional security locks on the main habitation door and rear garage doors.

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